X Team Services

Home Care Services

After nuisance wildlife has been removed, there is often work to be done restoring damage to property. Luckily the experts at X Team Services are trained in all manner of home services. Even if you do not have animal problems and are just looking for home care services, we are able to help! We offer affordable, professional care in the following areas:

Attic Restoration: Insulation removal and installation. Full cleaning of the entire attic.

Siding: We can remove, repair, and install all types of siding.

Painting: Ready to make your house look new again? We can do interior and exterior painting.

Garage and Property Cleanup: Take control of messes on your property. X Team will remove the old junk you no longer need and clean up the area so it is once again a functional and usable space!


Not Just Animal Removal Specialists

We are well known for our Wildlife removal expertise but we are equally as skilled in repairing and cleaning homes and property. Trust us for your Insulation, Siding, Painting, and Cleanup needs, we ready to provide expert services. Contact Wildlife X Team® Nashville today!